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Eschenbach visolux 1566

The Eschenbach Visolux+ is a new, illuminated stand magnifier from Eschenbach Optik with many features that will please users including its greatest benefit: a large, distortion-free viewing area illuminated with bright LEDs. The VisoLux+ is easy to use. Simply push the ON button, place it over reading material, photos, coins, or stamps, and you’re ready to go!

It has a unique, double lens system that features a patented hard coating that makes the lenses nearly glass hard. This coating minimizes scratches so text and images appear crisp and clear—the coating also extends the useful life of the product as well.

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Eschenbach visolux+ 1566
  • Lens size: 100x75mm
  • Magnification: 3x / 12dpt.††
Eschenbach scribolux

Many people, not just the elderly, know this situation well. For many years they have been happily solving the crossword in their daily newspaper or favourite magazine with consummate skill. However, the enjoyment is impaired as it becomes increasingly difficult to see the fields and clues and to decipher the words. The puzzle-solving which used to be fun quickly becomes a tiring strain.

The Scribolux illuminated magnifier was designed as the solution to combat precisely this problem.

The integrated, energy-saving LED provides excellent illumination, and the 100 x 75 mm large lens magnifies small print in the crossword by 2.8x  The magnifier has an open design on three sides and the lens is positioned at a spacious distance from the supporting surface; this makes it extremely easy to write under - and not just for crosswords.

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eschenbach scribolux 15651
  • 2.8x LED illuminated stand magnifier
  • plenty of space for writing under the lens
Eschenbach Powerlux

Winner of 2 design awards Eschenbach's new range of illuminated stand magnifiers push the boundaries of technology and design to enable the user an excellent reading experience.

Traditionally the usable lens diameter of a 7x (28Dpt) magnifier would be appx.35mm. The Eschenbach powerlux maintains it's large lens diameter of 58mm through all 3 of its powers - 3.5, 5 & 7x.

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    Eschenbach powerlux 158620
  • 5x magnification
  • illumination provided by 2 LEDs.
  • Eschenbach powerlux 158614
  • 3.5x†magnification
  • illumination provided by 2 LEDs.
  • Eschenbach powerlux 158628
  • 7x magnification
  • illumination provided by 2 LEDs
  • Eschenbach System Vario LED Illuminated Stand Magnifier

    System Vario Plus

    System vario plus from ESCHENBACH offers optimum versatility.
    It offers 9 different magnification levels from 2.8x to 12.5x and a whole variety of illumination options. The system is therefore extremely versatile and can be adapted to suit individual requirements. The System Vario models shown below use LEDs to provide the illumination. LEDS have an unlimited service life and do not require changing, they are extremely economical to use. 3 different filters are supplied with the product to provide a choice of three different light temperatures.A step-up converter is used for even, consistently bright illumination.

    • System vario plus is particularly suitable for users who cannot hold magnifiers freely (e.g. age-related shaking or Parkinson's disease).
    • As the magnifiers rest directly on the reading material when used and are not held freely in the hand, they are ideal for reading over long periods of time.
    • To achieve a uniform reading distance, system vario plus should be used in combination with a reading desk (1605 oder 1606).

      eschenbach system vario 12.5x LED 155774
      12.5x aspherical PXM 35mm LED illuminated stand magnifier
      eschenbach system vario 10x LED 155074
      10x aspherical PXM 35mm illuminated stand magnifier LED
      eschenbach system vario 7x LED 155174
      7x aspherical PXM 35mm illuminated stand magnifier LED
      eschenbach system vario 6x LED 155274
      6x aspherical PXM 50mm illuminated stand magnifier
      eschenbach system vario 5x LED 155394
      5x aspherical PXM 58mm illuminated stand magnifier LED
      eschenbach system vario 4x LED 155494
      4x aspherical PXM 70mm illuminated stand magnifier
      eschenbach system vario 3x LED 155994
      3x aspherical PXM 80mm illuminated stand magnifier
      eschenbach system vario 3x LED 158064
      3x aspherical PXM 100x50mm illuminated stand magnifier
      eschenbach system vario 2.8x LED 158264
      2.8x aspheric PXM 100x75mm illuminated stand magnifier
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