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Here you will find our products presented according to their application and vision task. For example, are you looking for a product that can help you with crosswords? Then click on "Crosswords" on the left hand side of the screen.

Do you need help reading?

Or do you need help with handicraft activites?

Crosswords have never been so easy..

If you are having difficulty writing cheques, doing crossword puzzles or reading - click here to view products such as the new Scribolux illuminated stand magnifier from Eschenbach.

Making it so much easier to read the menu..

Whether on the move or at home, small print can be found just about anywhere. With more information being listed in small print on these items these days even the strongest of corrective glasses sometimes is not enough on their own.

Relaxed viewing..

As we grow older reading the newspaper can become more difficult as the aging process takes effect. Using a magnifier to assist in achieving a higher visual acuity can help you continue to enjoy one of Britains favourite pastimes.

Relaxation for the eyes..

Whatever programmes we like to watch - news, sport or documentaries - there's no getting away from the fact that television plays a key role in today's society. MaxTV is the simple solution for relaxed viewing.

Closer to the action..

Everyone who enjoys a trip out to the theatre will be familiar with this problem - there are only so many seats in the front of the theatre! Opera glasses are the ideal solution bringing the stage closer to you.

Better vision - making it so much easier to see details..

When hands-free magnification is needed - Eschenbach has the solution. Magnifiers which are ideal for knitting, needlepoint and other pastimes.

Better vision, making it so much easier to see small detail..

When hands-free magnification is required for detailed work - these clip-on or spectacle magnifying aids are ideal

Making it so much easier to read timetables..

Small print is everywhere we look. From information on train times, departures & arrivals of aircraft, the need to be able to read small print is an essential part of everyday life. Eschenbach magnifiers can help you with comfortable viewing of small print.

Making it so much easier to read names and numbers..


Types of Magnification Devices

Eschenbach offers the broadest range of magnification devices! We carry the most complete line of optical devices - from hand held magnifiers and stand magnifiers to hands-free magnifiers, telescopes, video magnifiers and protection from the sun. If you’re looking to perform a specific type of task, we’re sure to make a product that will fill your need.

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